Nigeria’s students face a crucial moment as WAEC pleads for a break from the strike to save their exams.

Strike: WAEC Appeals For Strike Exemption Because Of This

WAEC Appeals

Dr. Amos Dangut, Head of the Nigeria National Office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), has made a heartfelt plea to the organised labour unions for an exemption from the ongoing nationwide strike.


This request aims to ensure that the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), currently in progress, can be conducted without disruptions.

WAEC exam which began on April 30 and is set to conclude on June 24, 2024, is a critical exam for students across Nigeria.

However, the nationwide strike, initiated on June 3, 2024, in response to the Federal Government’s refusal to increase the proposed minimum wage from ₦60,000, poses a significant threat to its smooth conduct.

During an interview, Dr. Dangut expressed empathy for the plight of Nigerian workers but pointed out the severe consequences for students if the exams are disrupted.

Our Children Must Not Suffer

“We all know the difficulties we’re facing in the country. It’s a tough situation for everyone, including WAEC. But our children must not suffer because of this,” he stated.

Dr. Dangut emphasised the global implications of missing these exams.

“In today’s globalised world, not writing these exams will place our children at a severe disadvantage.


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“Their peers in other parts of the world will move forward, while our children could be left behind. The cause of the workers is just, but we must also think about our children’s futures.”

Consequences Of Pausing WAEC Exam

He highlighted the broader consequences if the exams did not proceed as planned.

“If our children miss their exams while others don’t, who will understand our plight? No university will consider the strike when it comes to admissions. Our children will simply be left behind.”

Dr. Dangut called on all stakeholders to ensure the exams could proceed without hindrance.

“We need to provide an environment where these exams can be conducted smoothly.

“We understand and share the workers’ pain, but we must prioritize our children’s education. They should not bear the brunt of this strike.”

He continued: “We appeal to everyone – please let our children take their exams. If the teacher or gatekeeper doesn’t show up, the children suffer. We are ready to conduct the exams, but we need the right conditions”.

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