Stranded Falconets Sleep On Chairs At Turkish Airport Over Flight Delay

Nigeria’s Falconets were stranded and seen sleeping on chairs at the Turkish International Airport in Istanbul after their flight was delayed.

Pictures emerged on social media of the Nigerian contingent (falconets), to the ongoing FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup, sleeping on chairs at the Turkish airport after their flight was delayed for over 20 hours

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They have been there for over 20 hours, and by the time they depart the airport at 6.15 pm on Wednesday, they would have spent close to 30 hours in that departure hall.

According to reports, they departed their hotel in Costa Rica at 6.30 am local time on Monday, and were to travel via Colombia to Istanbul for the flight to Abuja. That simple journey has turned into a nightmarish experience.

The story is that the schedule on the original ticket stated that the team would depart Colombia for Turkey at 4.30 pm, following their early departure from Costa Rica. However, the original airline booked transferred them to Turkish Air, which led to some dodgy timing; this included a delay in Colombia, and subsequently led them to miss the transit flight.

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But even then,  some members of the contingent had tickets with a 23rd date and others had a 24th. Some of the officials present with the team pleaded for accommodation; but the airline insisted that since they don’t have transit visas, they would not be allowed to step out of the airport.


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