Space Rocket Launch Crashes Back To Earth Seconds After Takeoff

Blue Origin, a space flight company experienced a major tragedy today when its shepherd rocket experimenting crashed back to earth seconds after takeoff.

Blue Origin, LLC is an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company headquartered in Kent, Washington, founded by Jeff Bezos in Sept 2000.

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The tragedy was described as a “tragic abnormally” by the Senior Director of Emerging space markets, Erika Wagner.

Erika said this is a major accident for the Blue Origin company since it started commercial space travel and we are grateful there were no humans involved in the crash

The Senior Director said “It appears we’ve experienced an anomaly with today’s flight. This wasn’t planned.”

“But our crew capsule was able to escape successfully,” Wagner added.
According to the Associated Press, the tragedy occurred when “the rocket was traveling nearly 700 mph (1,126 mph) at an altitude of about 28,000 feet (8,500 meters).”

The company has not given details of the crash, but the smoke was seen coming out of the rocket’s engine when the tragedy occurred.

The United State Aviation Authority (FAA) has said that an investigation will be carried out to ascertain the cause of the failure of the blue Origin launch and that no human being or property was affected during the crash.

“Before the New Shepard vehicle can return to flight, the FAA will determine whether any system, process, or procedure related to the mishap affected public safety,” the FAA said in a statement on Monday.

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Blue Origin is a space travel company founded by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos to carry human and space instruments to space.

The New Shepherd rocket launched in April 2015 by Blue Origin had had 23 total launches with 21 successes.

With today’s crash becoming one of its failures.


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