England boss Gareth Southgate has thrown his continuance with the Three Lions into doubt following comments about having lost the fans.

Southgate Throws England Future Into Doubt With Comments

England’s start to Euro 2024 has been much further apart than what they would have been hoping for as they headed into the tournament as one of the favourites on paper.

However, as they scraped past Serbia and lulled to draws against Denmark and Slovenia it is apparent that Southgate’s Three Lions aren’t as well-oiled a machine as it had seemed earlier.


Fans threw cups at Southgate and the players as they went over to applaud the fans following a 0-0 draw with Slovenia and the 53-year-old’s reaction has thrown his future into doubt.

Speaking to the media, Southgate said: “Our world is different at the moment and I feel that is probably because of me.

“I’m not going to change that so it’s pointless me spending energy (on it).

“But I’m not going to back away from it.

“I understand the feeling towards me, but I want the fans to back the players.”

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The comments by Southgate might suggest that he is not planning to continue with the Three Lions past this season, and while the FA are not keen on parting ways with the 53-year-old they have already lined up a new name on their shortlist.


Southgate’s current contract will run out in December of this year and the FA have now placed Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe at the top of the list.

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