Singer Duncan Mighty Makes Shocking Revelation About Wife’s Family

Singer Duncan Mighty Makes Shocking Revelation About Wife's Family

Music star Duncan Mighty has taken to social media to make a serious allegations against his wife Vivien and her family.

The singer via a lengthy note on Instagram narrated what transpired between him and his wife. He explained that his wife once confessed to him about how she and her family have plotted to kill him because of his numerous properties and also have control over them.

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According to Duncan, his wife called him one fateful day to sing his praise and he was moved by this gesture and invited her over to where he was and presented her with land documents.

He narrated further that she was pleased with all he gave her and she decided to spend the night with him away from the children.

He noted that he woke up at midnight and heard her panting heavily and he moved closer to her to know what was wrong, and she started to confess all her wrong doing.

Duncan disclosed that his wife said a certain ‘juju man’ asked her to get his toe and fingernails and bring it to him but was unable to do that as some forces attacked her and made her confess.

He further said he has proofs of all his claims and promised to share them if they try to deny all he said.

See screenshot of his post below:


Singer Duncan Mighty Makes Shocking Revelation About Wife's Family


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