Singer Chike Apologise To Nigerians After Calling The Igbos Primitive For Travelling To The East For Christmas

Nigerian singer Chile has recently apologised to the Igbos in particular after lashing out to them to stop travelling to the east during the festive season.

The musician took to his Twitter page on January 4, 2021 where he called out the Igbos, asking them to stop the primitive behaviour of always travelling during Christmas.

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He wrote:

“Stop travelling to the damn east just coz it Christmas! Is it worth your life??? Stop that primitive behaviour. The roads are busy. Pick another damn time! Plan! Learn! Learn! F**king learn,” 

Immediately after the post, the singer came under heavy backlash from Nigerians on the social media app which made Chike retract his statement and tendered an apology.

According to the singer, his tweet was misunderstood by Nigerians because it was an emotional one. He explained further that he lost two of his friends to a road accident after they travelled to the east for the holiday.

He said:

“I believe my now-deleted tweet was misunderstood as it was an emotional one. This morning, 2 friends died on their road trip back from the village. I think the roads are too risky for everyone to be headed home & back. If you have been hurt, I sincerely apologize,”

See his post below:

Twitter response from fans:


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