Simi And Falz, the two Nigerian artists created magic together with Simi’s new single, “Borrow Me Your Baby”.

The talented duo has a track record of making hit songs together.


Simi And Falz: The Magic Of Musical Collaboration

Simi and Falz have become a powerhouse duo in the Nigerian music industry.

They are renowned for their unique chemistry and outstanding musical talent.

Furthermore, both artists are successful on their own, but they bring something unique to their collaborations, making music that deeply connects with fans.


Hit Songs

Falz was featured on Simi’s hit song “Jamb Question”.

Their 2016 joint album “Chemistry” was a success with several hit tracks like “Enough,” “Chemistry,” and “Foreign”.

Also, Simi is known for her angelic voice and heartfelt songwriting, gained fame with hits like “Jamb Question” and “Love Don’t Care.

Societal norms

Furthermore, Falz is known for his sharp lyrics and mix of genres, uses his storytelling and humor to challenge societal norms to attracts wide audience.


From his debut album “Wazup Guy” to “Moral Instruction,” Falz has consistently delivered music that challenges societal norms and sparks conversation.

Simi and Falz are not afraid to experiment with different genres from afro-pop to hip-hop.


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As Simi and Falz grow as artists, fans eagerly look forward to their future projects.

Also, their teamwork shows how two talented people can create something amazing together.

However, Simi and Falz working together shows how powerful teamwork is in music.

Their talents, creativity, and strong bond have created some of Nigeria’s favorite songs.

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