In an increasingly challenging global economy, making ends meet with a single source of income can be a difficult task, particularly when you earn below ₦100,000. Now, a side hustle is necessary more than every before. 

Hustle Idea


The good news is that there are several accessible side hustle ideas that can help you increase your income.

By adopting these simple, low-investment options, you can pave the way to financial stability and an improved quality of life.


1. Tutoring

Tutoring can extend beyond academic subjects; you have the opportunity to teach cooking skills, languages, how to use Excel, shoemaking, or any other passion or experience you have.

To begin your tutoring business, you can use platforms like Instagram, Telegram, or WhatsApp, where you can create instructional videos in bite-sized portions.


Encourage interested learners to contact you for more comprehensive lessons.

2. C.V Writing Service

With countless job seekers aiming to make a strong impression, many opt to outsource their CV writing to professionals.

If you’re interested in starting a CV-building business, consider establishing accounts on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter to launch your side hustle.

The job market is huge, and job seekers fear rejection.


Your passion for helping others can be the key to their success and yours as well.

3. Home Cleaning Service

Home cleaning services might be a great side hustle for individuals who dislike dirt and have a reputation for keeping their homes spotless.


Begin by offering cleaning services to friends and family, and showcase your skills through before-and-after pictures.

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4.  Short Video Editing

There is an increasing number of video contents flooding social media platforms and an amazing video helps content creators break into the crowd.

However, not every one who wants to create amazing contents knows how to edit videos.

There are lots of video editing apps that you can begin to use and learn how to work.

You can offer video editing services to content creators and influencers.

Create stunning videos and publish on your social networks and begin to attract attention of potential clients.

You see, when struggling with financial difficulties, it is important to think creatively about ways to increase your income.

With the world of technology and internet opportunities at your disposal, these four hustle ideas are an excellent place to start.


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