‘You Just Erased Your Father’s History’– Peter Okoye To Seun Kuti
Peter Okoye, Peter Obi and Seun Kuti

Almost all Nigerians like Fela and if you have listened to some of his songs, we are sure you will love him. But that may not be the case for his son, Seun Kuti. 

Throughout his music career one of the very things he does is raise a sound and voice for the masses who bear the brunt of bad governance. 


But his son Seun Kuti, has now been described as a young man who is erasing his father’s history.

An Opportunist

For Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, there is something about Seun that beats his imagination.

It is being ‘obedient’ in following the legacies of Fela that is causing this trouble here.

On Tuesday, Mr Okoye took to social media to drag his colleague, Seun, for publicly describing the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi as an ‘Opportunist’.


Seun Kuti had earlier declared the African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, as his preferred candidate.

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Despite his support for Sowore, he still fears he would not function effectively due to the dominance of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress in key positions in the country.

Seun Kuti insist that Peter Obi is an opportunist who moved to LP after losing at PDP, and is incapable of saving Nigeria.


He further made a mockery of Obi, stating that ‘he is an internet president whose election is on social media and that he lacks the structural background to win an election’.

The Sky Is Big Enough

Reacting in a post via Twitter, Peter Okoye slammed Seun, saying he was frustrated and had erased his father’s history.


He said singers like Burna Boy and many others took the path of his father to gain prominence. 

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In his words: “Dude just erased his fathers History! You said only the people of Nigeria can save Nigeria! Is PO and the rest candidates not the Nigerian people?…. SHAME! SHAME!!SHAME!!!

“Dude, I understand your frustration. But realize that the sky is big enough for all birds to fly. @burnaboy and other great artistes have climbed on our great Fela’s ladder to blow. Comport yourself and pray to your god. My God has blessed my destiny & I’ll 4ever remain thankful. I’ll surely keep you in my prayers. Learn from your nephew @Madekuti cos he is well guided and clean”.

Do we expect a reply?


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