How Sanusi was moved to another Nasarawa town

Muhammadu Sanusi 11, who was taken to Loko in Nasarawa state on Monday, has been moved from that town.

Abubakar Sabo, the traditional ruler of Loko, told NAN on Tuesday, that Sanusi “has been relocated from my domain”.

“The emir of Kano left my domain around 1:40pm. I don’t know where they have taken him to. They came with a helicopter and took him away. He has left,” the first-class was quoted to have said.

NAN quoted a source as saying Sanusi had been moved from Loko to “another town in the state”.

“They took him in a helicopter and some people told us that they are taking him to Awe. Honestly, I don’t actually know where he has been taken to,” he said.

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It is unclear why Sanusi was relocated from the town where he moved to after the Kano state government dethroned him on Monday.

The government had hinged its action on Sanusi’s “outright disregard for the state government and Kano Emirate’s traditional norms”, appointing Aminu Bayero, emir of Bichi and son of the late Ado Bayero, Sanusi’s predecessor, as his replacement.

Sabo had earlier told NAN that the ex-emir arrived at his palace at 3 am, adding that nobody would be allowed to speak with him.

“Yes, Emir Sanusi is in my palace. He arrived this morning around 3am, but no one will be allowed to speak with him,” Sabo had said.

Commenting on his dethronement, Sanusi said he accepts the development in good faith, adding that it is the will of God.

“The one who gives, has taken. Leadership is given to one to keep and when it’s time, the person has to give it back. God has already fore-planned when one will stay or leave and that’s why we have taken in good faith everything that has happened. We agree, we are grateful, we are cheerful. We thank the people of Kano for all the love they have shown us thus far, for the followership, and obedience,” Sanusi said in a video.


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