If only Hon. Danlamin Abdullahi Saku had known that the ₦1.3m debt he refused to pay would land him in coma, perhaps he would have looked for ways to pay off the that debt or settle amicably with his creditor.

But no, he decided to use his position to his advantage.

Sallah Celebration: LG Chairman Beaten To Coma Over ₦1.3M Debt In Niger


This is the story of Hon. Saku, the Chairman of Katcha local government area in Niger State.

He was beaten to a coma over his refusal to pay a ₦1.3m debt.

It all started on the day the local government boss arrived at the village for this year’s Sallah celebration.

That was the same day his luck ran out and he was given the beating of his life.

Sallah Celebration

Saku borrowed the money over a year ago from an elderly person in his village and has refused to pay it back despite several efforts by his creditor.

According to a source, when the chairman arrived in the village for the Sallah celebration, the elderly man sent his children to him for a refund.

However, instead of honouring the obligation, Saku reportedly slapped one of the young boys asking him if he knew he was the Chairman of the council and threatened to deal with them.


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The boys and their friends were said to have been angered by the attitude of the chairman.

That was how they resorted to beating him until he lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital.

Furthermore, the source said that while receiving treatment in the hospital, the Chairman has tried to pay up some of the money with a balance of ₦10,000 left.

Attempts to reach the Chairman were not successful as his calls were not going through while text messages were also not responded to.


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