Nollywood actor, Saidi Balogun, has spoken out in defense of actress Toyin Abraham amidst the recent backlash she has faced.

He emphasises that celebrities deserve the same rights to protect their mental well-being as everyone else

Saidi Balogun Stands Up for Toyin Abraham


Balogun addressed the issue on his Instagram account on July 10, 2024.

In his post, Balogun highlighted the hypocrisy is often seen in the way society reacts to the actions of celebrities compared to those of ordinary people.

Furthermore, he pointed out that while everyone is entitled to their opinions, celebrities should not be unfairly criticised or treated differently for engaging in activities that are considered normal for non-celebrities.

Balogun stressed the importance of recognising that celebrities are human beings who experience the same emotions and challenges.

Also, he argued that they should be allowed to express themselves.

He wrote: “You use police to arrest your neighbours for the most minor reasons; e reach celebrity turn, you say it’s bullying. Stop the emotional blackmail.

Celebrities are humans, just like you. You are free to say what you like, right?


Let celebrities be free to take whatever actions they want to protect their mental space. Freedom should not be selective. God bless”.

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The actor’s post comes amid Toyin Abraham’s recent controversy.

Toyin was criticised by social media users for arranging the arrest of a user on X named Ayo for defaming her.

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