Rwanda stands firm on its decision to retain the £270 million payment from the UK.

This is a payment for the now-cancelled asylum seeker programme, sparking a diplomatic stalemate between the two nations.

Rwanda Refuses To Budge On £270m Asylum Payment Despite UK Cancellation


Dr. Doris Uwicyeza Picard, a representative from the Rwandan Ministry of Justice, affirmed that Rwanda had fulfilled its obligations under the agreement.

This agreement aims to assist the UK in addressing its own asylum seeker issues.

Kigali considers the matter a “UK problem” and expects no reimbursement.

Rwanda Refusal To Refund 

She told the BBC World Service: “We are under no obligation to provide any refund.

“We will remain in constant discussions. However, it is understood that there is no obligation on either side to request or receive a refund”.

Although British ministers have not officially notified Rwanda of their intention to terminate the five-year agreement.

Dr.Uwicyeza Picard acknowledged that Rwanda was aware of Sir Keir Starmer’s decision to cancel the deal, which was announced shortly after his election victory.


According to the agreement’s break clause, the UK can withdraw from two scheduled payments of £50 million in 2025 and 2026 without incurring penalties.

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However, it is likely that the UK government will still be responsible for funding the asylum seekers already sent to Rwanda, numbering four individuals.

Formal notification is pending, requiring a three-month notice period.

Statement Read 

Dr Uwicyeza Picard said: “We were informed of the UK’s decision, and we take note of the UK’s decision to terminate the agreement.

“We just want to reiterate that this was a partnership initiated by the UK to solve a UK problem.

“Rwanda stepped up as we have always stepped up in the past to provide safety, refuge and opportunities to migrants”.

She added: “Rwanda has maintained its side of the agreement and we have ramped up capacity to accommodate thousands of migrants.

“And also asylum seekers and we have upheld our end of the deal.

“We have put in a lot of effort and resources to accommodate those migrants. We understand that changes in government happen.

“And incoming governments have different priorities and different policies. However, this was a state-to-state agreement and we believe this good faith will remain”.

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