Brazilian footballer Roberto Firmino has been ordained as an evangelical pastor, three years after co-founding the Manah Church in Maceio.

The former Liverpool forward established the church alongside his wife, Larissa Pereira, and pastors Jairo Fernandes and Keila Medeiros.

Roberto Firmino Ordained As Evangelical Pastor Three Years After Founding Church


Firmino shared photos of the ordination ceremony on Instagram, highlighting his new role within the church.

During his eight-year tenure at Liverpool, Firmino played a crucial role in the club’s success, contributing to their victories in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Despite his ordination, the 32-year-old has not retired from football and remains an active player for Saudi Pro League side Al-Ahli, with two years remaining on his contract.

In related news, former Ghana captain John Mensah has revealed his dedication to serving God and his church following his retirement from professional football.

Speaking at the 2024 Ghana Football Awards, Mensah disclosed his commitment to worship and evangelism at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church.

“I’m just keeping myself in the church all the time. Since I’m no longer on the field, that’s how I’m keeping myself cool,” Mensah told Joy Sports.


“I keep my faith in God Almighty, worship Him well, advise my people, and do evangelism to help others know God very well.”

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