Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro Reveals Why Most Men Are Still Married

Blessing Okoro



Nigerian relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro has stirred up the social media space with her recent discovery.

Okoro in a video posted on her Instagram page talked about the importance of side chicks in marriages.

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According to her, side chicks are one of the major reasons married men still stay in their marriages.

She however likened them to spare tyres which will be used when the main one is faulty.

“Side chicks are one of the reasons a lot of men still stay married when your car breaks down you have a spare tyre to manage until you fix the main tyre imagine were no spare tyre.”

This had however caused an uproar as social media users tongue lashed her.

Read some comments below:

Mmariammx: “I don’t like to use the word “Hate” but I feel some type of way about this lady!! It makes me sick.” 

Jsp_official_: “The only problem I have with her is the fact that she always has an opinion to everything even when it has nothing to do with relationships.”

_Lily_among_thorns_: “Tell us you are a side hen without telling us. Blessing rest!”

Miz_vanny_: “Side chick don drop quote.” 

Adebukola.x.x: “All these advice but you no get relationship.” 

Engr_joseph_alo: “If she had a husband, she won’t be saying all these things oo.” 



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