Rainy season brings changes in weather, providing relief from dry periods but also bringing new challenges.

With more rain and changing temperatures, communities and nature are affected


Rainy Season : Preparing For The Weather

Rainy days might mess up your plans but with a bit of preparation, you can stay productive and comfortable regardless of the weather.

Begin your day by looking at the weather forecast. This helps you know if it’s going to rain so you can plan your day accordingly.

If rain is expected, you can adjust your schedule and activities.


Weather-appropriate clothing

Wear weather-appropriate clothing like waterproof outerwear, sturdy footwear, and an umbrella for comfort in rainy weather

During rainy days, prioritise indoor activities like catching up on work, reading, watching movies, or engaging in hobbies like cooking or crafting.

Furthermore, plan your commute or errands to avoid areas prone to flooding or heavy traffic during rainstorms and consider public transportation.

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Also, ensure your belongings are dry by using waterproof bags especially for electronic devices and invest in an umbrella and rain cover for backpacks or purses.

Slippery road

However, to drive safely during this season, reduce speed, increase following distance, use headlights.


Be aware of slippery road conditions and potential hazards.

However, by using these tips, you can handle rainy days well and make the most of your time

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