Putin Announces Partial Military Mobilization For Russian Citizens

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia, which will require citizens to join the war effort in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared this on Wednesday morning signing a decree that will send Russians who have gone through military training to join the fight in Ukraine while stopping short of an all-out draft.

“Only those citizens will be drafted to military service who are currently in the reserve and first of all those who have served in the army, who have certain professions and have necessary experience,” said Putin.

The announcement came just a day after some Russian-controlled areas in Ukraine announced plans for referendums on becoming part of Russia.

Putin’s Wednesday announcement also came as his country has struggled to replenish its fighting force in Ukraine and suffered setbacks on the battlefield amid a surging Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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The defense minister also provided new figures on Russian casualties saying 5,937 Russian soldiers had died fighting in Ukraine. Western estimates run much higher.


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