Protest as Lalong orders questioning of Plateau rulers, Fulani leaders over killings

A Group of Mwagjhavul lawyers, on Wednesday, stormed the Police Command in Plateau to protest the invitation of their Paramount ruler, Da Nelson Bakfur for questioning as ordered by Gov. Simon Lalong.

Lalong had ordered the arrest of all Ardos (Fulani) and community leaders in four crisis ridden Local Government Areas of the State, including Mangu, Bokkos, Barkin Ladi and Riyom.

The governor’s order came on the heels of series of attacks in villages in Mangu and Bokkos local government areas within a span of two weeks that left many people dead.

The first attack in Kulben village in Kombun district of Mangu Local Government Area Left 13 persons dead, while the second attack in three villages- Kwatas, Ruboi and Marish in Bokkos Local Government Area Left 22 persons dead with.

“Our Paramount ruler, including us, his people, are mourning the unjust and wicked killing of our brothers, and then the Governor could give an order for his arrest” Barrister Dasplang, who led the over 40 concerned lawyers, lamented.

“To us, the arrest or invitation of our Paramount ruler by the police command is an insult on us as Mwagjhavul nation.

“We are here at the police command to protest his arrest or invitation, which to us was very uncalled for and a slap on our face.

“We are not against the authorities trying to unravel the causes and persons behind the attacks and killings, but for a person in his status as Paramount ruler, they should have visited his Palace to obtain whatever information on they want from him but not to arrest him as a criminal, ” the group argued.

They called for the monarch’s immediate release as a mark of respect to him and the Mwagjhavul nation that are mourning their loved ones.

Speaking to NAN, the command’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Abuh Gabriel, said all the protesters were directed to the CID division of the command.

”The lawyers know that our action was in compliance with the order of the State Governor,” Gabriel said.


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