Prison Break Star Reveals Why He Won’t Return For Season 6

Hollywood star Wentworth Miller who played the lead character Michael Scofield in the popular favourite TV series ‘Prison Break’ has announced that he will not be returning for the sixth season.

The actor took his fans by surprise with his Instagram post disclosing why he would not feature in the series due to his decision to only play gay characters.

Miller apologized to fans who fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one.

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A part of his post read:

“On a related note… I’m out. Of PB. Officially”, Miller wrote.

“Not bec of static on social media (although that has centered the issue). I just don’t want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told).

“So. No more Michael. If you were a fan of the show, hoping for additional seasons… I understand this is disappointing. I’m sorry”.

Recall that Miller plays the brilliant Michael Scofield, a structural engineer who breaks into a bank so as to get jailed in order to rescue his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) from death row.


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