Premiership clubs who due to COVID-19 have furloughed staff

Here is a list of clubs in the English Premier League that have furloughed staff following the suspension of professional football in the country due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

For instance, some top side clubs are using the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme where employers can claim for 80 percent of furloughed employees’ monthly wage costs, up to 2,500 pounds per month.

 Tottenham Hotspur: Imposed a 20% pay cut on 550 non-playing staff in April and May, with the club planning to use the government’s furlough scheme where appropriate.

Spurs fans have urged the club to reverse their decision.

Liverpool: Furloughed some of their non-playing staff but reversed their decision and apologised after it drew sharp criticism from the British government and supporters.

Newcastle United: Non-playing staff on temporary leave but they will be paid their full salaries until the end of April.

Bournemouth: Staff furloughed for at least three weeks. The club’s chief executive Neill Blake, first team technical director Richard Hughes, manager Eddie Howe and his assistant Jason Tindall have all taken significant, voluntary pay cuts.

Norwich City: Furloughed staff members unable to work but will receive a usual salary in full after club top up money received from the government scheme.

Sheffield United: Furloughed some permanent and casual staff but will continue to pay them in full. The club said it would assess at a later date whether or not to participate in the Job Retention Scheme.


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