In June 2024, the internet was thrown into flames over a weird confession a lady made on a podcast.


On the podcast – Talk To B, hosted by nollywood actress, Abiola Adebayo, a lady whose identity was concealed confessed to sexually pleasuring herself with dogs as a result of sexual abuse she faced while growing up.


The video went viral, with many attacking the lady whose facial identity was blurred on camera.

However, shortly after the interview, news circulated on social media that she took her life as she couldn’t withstand the guilt and shame that followed the podcast.

In contradiction to the news everyone was made to believe, Abiola Adebayo has debunked the news of suicide the lady circulated.

Furthermore, Adebayo said the lady, identified as Adenike Adewodun, faked her death in an attempt to escape the public backlash and legal consequences of her actions.

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The actress made this known in a statement she released on her Instagram page on Thursday, July 4, titled “Miss Adenike Adewodun’s Fake Death Antics.”.

Read The Statement Below



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