It was a typical Sunday morning in Lagos, but disaster struck when no one was expecting. The Christ Embassy HQ, Oregun, a beacon of faith and hope for thousands, was engulfed in a raging fire. Worshippers were turned into firefighters.  

PICTURES: Fire Destroys Christ Embassy HQ in Lagos

In the early hours of the day, multiple videos poured in from the scene on on Sunday.


Officials of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service are also said to be at the scene in efforts to salvage the situation.

Sharing a video from the location, Augustine tweeting as Chief_Augustin1 on wrote, “Christ Embassy Church on Billings Way, Oregun, is on fire.

The flames, which began early morning quickly spread throughout the building, consuming most part of the building.

As the smoke billowed into the sky, panicked screams filled the air.

Christ Embassy Church members and passersby watched in horror, as the iconic building burns.

The sound of shattering glass and crumbling walls echoed through the streets, a stark reminder of the destruction unfolding before their eyes.

PICTURES: Fire Destroys Christ Embassy HQ in Lagos


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As the fire department rushed to the scene, a sense of shock and disbelief settled over the community.

How could such a tragedy strike a place of worship, a symbol of hope and redemption?

The questions swirled, but the answers would have to wait. Thankfully, service hasn’t commenced fully before the incident.

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