bola ahmed tinubuThe current naira and petrol scarcity is a plot, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, says.

It is an unusual situation, as the cashless situation is making people lose money daily. People are also buying petrol far more than the official pump price.


Some Nigerians are blaming the APC administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for putting in place such a fiscal policy without proper resources to cushion the effect.

But Tinubu thinks it is beyond the government of Buhari.


He says enemies of democracy are causing hardships for Nigerians.

A statement by the spokesman for the APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), Bayo Onanuga, bore Tinubu’s perception about the issue.


“What the opposition and enemies of democracy want is to create a state of national siege and tension that can disrupt the coming general elections and create an atmosphere of strife in our country.

“We must say ‘no’ to them. We must be resolute and stand firm to protect our democracy by ensuring we hold our elections in a peaceful and orderly manner,’’ Tinubu said.

Call For Calm

Furthermore, the APC flag bearer called for calm, as the federal government and relevant agencies triy to solve the challenges.

“I empathise with Nigerians, especially the poor masses that have been made to bear the brunt and pains of the CBN naira redesign policy and petrol scarcity the most,” he said.


Over the last few weeks, Nigerians have been facing hardships. On one hand, fuel scarcity and on another, scarcity of the redesigned Naira notes.

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One of the campaign slogans of the APC is renewed hope and prosperity to all.

He says no challenges would be difficult for Nigerians as a people to surmount with unity of purpose.

“When you elect me, I will work to ensure security, economic prosperity, national unity and cohesion.

“And we will together build a country that will be a source of joy to us all and a pride to every black person everywhere in the world,” Tinubu promised.



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