Peter Okoye Reveals To A Fan How He Made Over N100M On A Show

Peter Okoye Reveals To A Fan How He Made Over N100M On A Show
Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye also known as Mr P has recently taken to social media to reply a PSquare fan who wants the two brothers to come back together as a team.
Despite that some fans are still hopeful that the PSquare music group will one day settle their dispute, the brothers kee insisting that it is a development that can never happen again.

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Just recently, a troll told Peter that he has no intentions of streaming his songs until he gets back with his brother.
Mr P, however, joined another fan who defended him by rolling out the amount of money he has made from ticket sales for his upcoming show.
Still addressing the matter on Instagram, Mr P shared a screenshot of the exchange while using the opportunity to address fans like that who are still hopeful of a PSquare reunion.
His post read in part:
“Let me say it again! This individuals are not haters they are just P2 heartbroken fans and i understand. Only PALOMA and JUST LIKE THAT dem don dey shake Dey shiver! I will still wish dem well this weekend! Sha I have forgiven them! it’s over 4yrs now! pls you people should move on. No come get High BP for person matter.”


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