Indeed, there is no smoke without fire. Nigerians are fully aware of this popular saying, hence, when former Vice President Atiku Abubakar decided to play host to his counterpart, Peter Obi, they did not hesitate to connect the dots.

Peter Obi, Atiku Reunion: See What Nigerians Think
Peter Obi and Atiku

Atiku was the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), while Obi was the flagbearer for the Labour Party (LP) during the 2023 general election.


The former vice president met with Peter Obi on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Peter Obi And Atiku Clash

Truth be told, the reason for their meeting is yet to be disclosed as of the time of filing this report, but trust Nigerians, they do not need a soothsayer to tell them that there is a motive.

It is worth noting that Obi was previously in the PDP but dumped the party for LP in the build-up to the last general elections.

Meanwhile, in the 2019 presidential election, Atiku and Obi were the PDP’s President and Vice President candidates respectively.


The Visit

However, the duo went their separate ways in the following election over political interests.

Now, to the greatest surprise of many, Peter Obi paid a visit to Atiku.

This latest reunion has generated a barrage of reactions on social media.

Many people suspect that the duo is plotting to form opposition ahead of the 2027 election.


See some of the reactions below:

@Equityoyo: After he betrayed you in 2023 after he called you all sorts of names during the electioneering process?

Kojoli, even if you both come together again in 2027, you will not see V not to talk of Victory.


Congregation of Losers, Both as an individual or collectively

@RealQueenBee: What is going on here? Anything less than Atiku throwing his weight behind Peter Obi for the Presidency in 2027 will not be acceptable.

Atiku must play the fatherly role now and not allow Wike’s plan to be actualised in 2027.

@OBAF4U: The earlier we realize the system is not working, the better. All hands must be on deck to steer this faltering ship to safety.

More Reactions

@Ollyskay: Hmmmm. Something nice is going on here. It would be nice if they both collaborate in the coming elections…that’s the only way they can become a real competition to the people presently in power.

@__Sonofglory: This is politics and let’s be factual with ourselves. If they don’t form an alignment, they can never remove APC in power.
It’s not like the alignment would work, but it would give them proof of doubt.

@DGreatBundee: Your Excellency Sir, you have seen and observed clearly without any bias that the people are with @PeterObi.

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Sometimes irrespective of one’s great political achievements the people want who they want.

Kindly endorse and support @PeterObi for a New Nigeria.”’


@jrnaib2: Lesson learnt! United Opposition 2027.

@dekezman01: @PeterObi in 2027.

@Ahmadjr_77: Reunite and save our country, please.

@korede_coded1: Peter Obi and his Boss, nice one. The Country need a formidable opposition to help them from the APC syndrome

@MuaMuaNigeria: Both of you will never be president of big.


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