Pete Edochie, a Nigerian veteran actor turned 77 year old and Nigerians are honoring him in a unique way by tweeting proverbs he famously delivered in his movies.

Edochie is famous for his deep voice and strong presence.

Celebrating Pete Edochie: 5 Popular Proverbs by the Legendary Actor


Also, he has always been known for sharing Igbo wisdom through proverbs to teach important lessons.

Here are five well-known proverbs that Pete Edochie often uses, showing his deep cultural roots and wise thoughts.

  1. He who swallows a complete coconut has absolute trust in his anus.

This proverb, often spoken with Edochie’s serious demeanor, discusses taking risks and trusting oneself.

It suggests that when you take a big risk, you must fully trust in your ability to deal with the outcomes.

2.”A child who says his mother will not sleep will also not sleep.”

In his films, Edochie often used this proverb to show that actions affecting others can also affect oneself.

It emphasizes that causing trouble for others will lead to trouble for oneself.

Furthermore, this proverb is commonly heard in his roles teaching younger generations, emphasizing the value of respect and understanding.


3.”When the handshake goes beyond the elbow, it becomes another thing.”

Edochie’s characters often used this proverb to distinguish between being friendly and crossing boundaries.

It cautions against taking freedoms that might cause disrespect or confusion.

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This saying is especially liked in scenes where Edochie portrays a leader, stressing the importance of behaving politely and showing respect.

4. “The lizard that jumps from the high iroko tree to the ground says he will praise himself if no one else does.”

Edochie’s proverb emphasizes self-reliance, self-praise, and self-confidence, often used by his characters to promote self-belief and independence

5. “No matter how far the stream flows, it never forgets its source.”

Edochie frequently uses a proverb to emphasize the significance of remembering one’s roots.
Also, it highlights the value of heritage and gratitude, and its relevance in his roles as a cultural custodian.
However Pete Edochie’s proverbs are more than just lines in a movie.
As Nigerians celebrate his 77th birthday, these proverbs serve as a reminder of Edochie’s enduring impact on Nigerian cinema and culture.


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