The Past Is Past, We Should Move On, Yvonne Jegede Appeals To Her Ex-husband

The Past Is Past, We Should Move On, Yvonne Jegede Appeals To Her Ex-husband

Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede has decided to make peace with everyone and also open a new chapter in her life.

The actress revealed in a lengthy post she shared on her social media page that she realized that she needs to let go of all ugly incidents in her life after her last birthday which she celebrated recently and move on with life.

“The last few years have been such an experience, I’ve had the high, the low, the incredible, and the not so incredible. I’ve been hurt and I have hurt people as well but after my last birthday few days ago, I decided to totally let go of the past and earnest the opportunity in the present and reach out to the future to create a better story for myself and my family,” she said.

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“To this end, I am reaching out to all my Ex-es, the one I wouldn’t talk to or work with anymore, to say I have forgiven you and I am also apologizing to those I have hurt because, in relationships, it takes two(2) to tangle so I am also sorry.”

The movie star went on to make peace with her ex-husband Abounce Fawole whom they both have a child together, she said that the relationship between them didn’t just workout and they should move on with life.

“To my Ex-husband, it is nothing but love, peace, and mutual respect. The past is past, it didn’t work out, we should move on,” she wrote.

“To business associates and friends turn strangers, for the moment I hurt you, I am deeply sorry. To those I felt hurt me, I have also forgiven. Let us work together again, let’s be cool again even if we are not the best of friends.”


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