Osimhen has gotten on the wrong side of many Nigerians for calling out Super Eagles coach, Finidi George, on social media.

Victor Osimhen

In an Instagram live video, Nigerian footballer Victor Osimhen slammed Finidi for allegedly saying he could not beg him to play for the Super Eagles.

The furious footballer explained the reason for his absence from the match while throwing curse words in the air like no man’s business.


It was obvious that Victor was really provoked to anger, as he slammed the Super Eagles coach alongside every one of his supporters on the issue.

“It will not be well with all of you saying nonsense about me,” Osimhen said in anger.

Victor Osimhen during live video

However, during Osimhen’s live recording, a voice was heard asking him to stop the video.

“Victor, shut up, turn it off,” the voice cautioned.

The live video ended a few seconds later.

This singular act was applauded by many because if Victor hadn’t been stopped by his friend, he would have said more damaging things that could eventually affect his football career.

Netizens shared their views on this. Someone commented, saying Osimhen’s friend “saved” the day.


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“We all deserve someone like Osimhen’s friend who knew when to tell him to stop and ended the live video despite the insult(s) Victor threw at him”, a netizen wrote.

The situation has continued to whip up different reactions, with some saying the Napoli star went too far.

He had found his way into the hearts of Nigerians with his outstanding performance in Napoli last season.

But a lot could change after the live video.

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