Nike and Adidas make top 10 valuable brand list

Inside the Top-Secret "Nike x adidas" Pop-Up Shop

Brand Finance’s annual review reveals that Nike and Adidas are the top 2 sports kitting brands in the world. Nike’s brand value jumped 9% to $33.2 billion but still isn’t at the level it was two years ago. Last year, Nike’s brand value dropped 13% from 2020 to $30.4 billion but still managed to hold the top spot.

The majority of the other eight brands were made up of mostly designer names, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Hermès. Aggregate brand value for sportswear brands in the top 50 grew 10% to $74 billion, while luxury brands grew 21% to $125 billion.

Adidas’ brand value grew 2% to $14.6 billion.
Puma’s brand value jumped 13% to $4.5 billion.
Lululemon’s brand value increased 28% to $4.2 billion.

While more well-known sportswear brands increased, smaller sportswear brands were among the fastest-growing brands on the list. Skechers’ brand value skyrocketed 68% to $3.2 billion, and Li-Ning’s brand value increased by the same amount to $2 billion.


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