Nigerian Actress Tayo Adeniyi Reacts To Marriage Scandal

Nigerian Actress Tayo Adeniyi Reacts To Marriage Scandal

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Adeniyi Tayo has recently reacted to the scandalous news trialing her secret wedding to her lover.

The actress recently tied the knot in a secret wedding to an unidentified man. She made this news public via her Instagram page where she shared videos from the ceremony.

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Sharing the video, Adeniyi expressed gratitude to God and her friends who had graced her day, stating she is happy they shared the precious moments.

The reports which made rounds following her secret wedding alleged that the actress snatched another woman’s husband.

The report claimed that her husband abandoned his wife to marry the actress.

Reports claimed that the man is married with 3 children.

According to the reports, Tayo’s husband abandoned his wife and 3 kids in Ibadan to marry the actress.

Sadly, his wife was the one who sponsored his trip to the US where he now lives.

“So according to the gist, this yorubahood actress got married secretly over the weekend but the story now is that the man he got married to is allegedly married 3 kids (3 boys), the man abandon the mother of his children in Ibadan to marry this actress. The man lives in the US, it was even his wife that took a loan to sponsor the man to the USA when they were still struggling”.

Reacting to the gists, the actress stated that she was going to get finer and finer and her life would only get better.

“I’ma get finer & finer and my life gonna get better & better pretty and most beautiful that’s on God”.






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