Nigeria Set To Join Countries Piloting AfCTA Trade -Anatogu

The Secretary to the National Action Committee (NAC) on African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), Mr. Francis Anatogu, has announced that Nigeria is on the verge of joining countries that are already piloting the AfCTA trade.

The NAC Secretary on AfCFTA, also said that all is set for Nigeria to begin trading activities under the AfCFTA, joining the seven countries have started piloting the AfCFTA trade in Africa.

He made this statement at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI’s) Export Group symposium recently held in Lagos.

“At the National Action Committee (NAC), our mission and vision for the AfCFTA is to take 10 per cent of Africa’s import from the world to provide the products and services from Nigeria that are currently being supplied by other countries outside Africa, but we know that for us to achieve that, we need to focus on developing value chain in products and services.”

Anatogu noted that the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) export has grown in the past one year, advising that, the next step for Nigeria is to boost its manufacturing presence on the continent.

”one of the key elements the country is trying to put in place is the preferential trade process to be able to trade under AfCFTA.

Nigeria is yet to make the trade agreement which was ratified since January 1st 2021 operational due to structural challenges, COVID- 19 and lack of consensus on trade protocols.


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