NFL nears $2B in sponsorship deals

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A pact with California winemaker E. & J. Gallo has the National Football League nearing $2 billion in sponsorship deals for the first time. The brand becomes the NFL’s official wine sponsor and will have exclusive pouring rights at major events including the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl.

The partnership is uniquely structured to engage NFL fans and will include opportunities for local team activation, player imagery and appearances, on-site presence at premiere events, and broadcast, digital, and social content.

The deal means that every item at the NFL bar is spoken for, with Anheuser-Busch retaining beer rights and Diageo covering hard alcohol. Last year’s Diageo deal, worth a reported $30 million annually, made the company the NFL’s first hard alcohol sponsor.

The NFL is now on course to pass $2 billion in sponsorships for the first time.

The league hit a record $1.8 billion in deals last year.
It had $1.6 billion in 2020.

Tech companies contributed the largest chunk in 2021, followed by gambling and alcohol companies. Verizon’s deal with the NFL reached as high as $300 million per year.


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