The recommendation of the House of Representatives and the Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, advocating for the procurement of new aircraft for the President and Vice-President was met with heavy criticism from Nigerians.

New Presidential Jet: Tinubu Puts Three Old Presidential Aircraft Up For Sale

Nigerian, who have frequently been told by the government to endure the biting hardship could not help but wonder where the government intends to get the money for the new aircraft.


If there was so much funds, why would the government allow the people to go through so much hardship?

Why are they yet to reach a minimum wage agreement with the Organised Labour?

These are some the many questions Nigerians raised when reports of purchasing a new presidential aircraft surfaced.

Aircraft For Sale

However, in a latest development, the President Bola Tinubu-led government has announced its decision to sell three ageing jets from the presidential air fleet.

This move aims at reducing the high costs associated with maintaining the fleet.

The decision was revealed after the recommendations from both the House of Representatives and the Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence.

The aircraft identified for sale include a Boeing 737 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), which is the President’s designated aircraft, a Gulfstream, and a Falcon 7x.


This sale would effectively reduce the presidential fleet, currently comprising six airplanes and four helicopters, by half.

The fleet has been under scrutiny in recent times.

Marketing Agreement 

According to insiders, at least half of the fleet consists of unserviceable or failing aircraft.

Also, The Cable reports that the federal government has contracted JetHQ.

JetHQ is a prominent US-based airline marketer.

They are to oversee the sale of these three aircraft.

An exclusive marketing agreement has been signed, granting JetHQ the authority to value and market the planes.

Preliminary offers for the aircraft are already under review.

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This move comes as legislators push for modernizing the fleet following several incidents involving the current fleet’s aircraft, which raised safety

These incidents have sparked a debate on the necessity and timing of purchasing new aircraft, given the nation’s economic challenges.

On one hand, some lawmakers stress the importance of safety for national leaders.

However, others argue that the timing may reflect insensitivity considering the economic hardships faced by Nigerians.

Proceeds from the sale are expected to fund the purchase of at least one new jet.

Officials have stated that buying two new aircraft simultaneously is financially untenable.

“Yes, we have received two offers for the BBJ and one for the Falcon X.
But the NSA insisted that we must press for a better deal instead of rushing to have a bad deal for the government,” said an PAF official involved with the process on condition of anonymity.


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