NDDC Staff, Lawmakers own 70% Hotels in Niger-Delta – PDP Youth Vanguard

NDDC Staff, Lawmakers own 70% Hotels in Niger-Delta - PDP Youth Vanguard

As a forensic audit of the multi-billion naira fraud that rocked the management of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC is underway, a group of youths of the Niger Delta Region has urged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to probe into the ownership of choice hotels in the region to unravel the sources of funds for setting up and running the hotels.

The PDP South South Youth Vanguard, in a statement signed by its National Chairman, James Efe Akpofure, hinted the EFCC that, “the funds, which were supposed to be used to develop the Niger Delta region were siphoned by a few at the detriment of the nine oil producing states that were originally supposed to benefit from the projects of the NDDC to make life easy for the people living in the region.

“We therefore charge the anti-corruption agency to carry out a thorough investigation, which will clearly reveal that 70 percent of choice hotels across the region belong to staff of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and some federal lawmakers,” the body claimed.

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The PDP youths, writing under the aegis of South South Youth Vanguard, alleged that, “most of the funds looted from the commission were used to build, equip and run the hotels.

While highlighting the merits of the involvement of the EFCC at this time that the Forenaic audit is on going, The PDP Youth Vanguard further said that, “this investigation will also help the Interim Management Committee of the NDDC set up to enhance an holistic forensic audit of the commission.

“With the investigation, the EFCC will be able to unearth so many sleazes and financial recklessness in the commission.

“Similarly, the economic crime body will find out that the funds meant to develop the Niger Delta region had been embezzled by only few people who had the opportunity because of their call to serve the region.

The PDP Youth Vanguard further opined that, “the EFCC should move in quickly and investigate the owners of these hotels who are largely linked with the Niger Delta Development Commission.

“They will unearth so many things and a lot of hidden funds that were supposed to be used to develop the region will be exposed.”


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