Multinational Joint Force Invades BokoHaram Camp, Kills 19, Recover Gun Truck, Others

Seized gun truck

Troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force comprising Nigeria, Chad, and the Niger Republic have taken the fight to rout the remnants of the murderous Boko Haram terrorists to their camps and dens inside the Islands of Lake Chad, killing 19 terrorists in the first wave of attack.

Several of the terrorists escaped with gunshot wounds, two gun trucks were destroyed while two others were recovered during the offensive.

Col Timothy Antigha, Chief Information Officer of MNJTF while giving an update on the offensive said, “As part of the ongoing counterinsurgency operations of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), under the reviewed Concept of Operation Yancin Tafki, combined forces from Sector 3 (Nigeria) and Sector 4 (Niger Republic), supported by Air Task Force (Nigeria) and the Niger Republic Air Force conducted extensive bombardment of Boko Haram enclaves in the Tumbums earlier on Monday, 6 April 2020.

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“Today’s engagement was a coordinated air and ground operation.

“After an intensive firefight, 19 Boko Haram terrorists were neutralised, while others fled. The combined force with the support of the Air Force destroyed 2 Gun Trucks and captured 2 more.

Captured arms

“Four motorcycles, as well as arms and ammunition, were also recovered. Troops of the MNJTF did not sustain any casualty.

“This effort is expected to further degrade and deplete Boko Haram, thereby consolidating on the successes of previous synchronized operations conducted within the MNJTF area of operation.

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“Meanwhile, Sector 1 (Cameroon) has also conducted clearance operations in the southern parts of Lake Chad Basin in order to destroy fleeing Boko Haram Terrorists who are now being confronted in all axis.

“Earlier last week, Sector 2 (Chad) also conducted an amphibious operation and secured the Litri / Madayi axis.

“It is important to recall that the mandate of the MNJTF allows troops of the Task Force to conduct operations within 25 kilometres of the delineated area of operation in Troop Contributing Countries.

“Consequently, the MNJTF, with the support of national forces will continue to pursue Boko Haram Terrorists until they flee from the Lake Chad Basin or face justice.

“The MNJTF, therefore, assures the populations of the Lake Chad Basin that every effort is being made to restore security and normalcy.”


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