Movie: Movie: Agony of Marriage (2020) (Parts 1 – 8)

Agony of Marriage (2020)

No greater evil can a man endure than a bad wife. She is an instrument of destruction and a death trap to her husband. For a man wins nothing better than a good wife, and nothing deadlier than a bad one. “Agony Of Marriage” An explosive and soul-stirring masterpiece you can’t afford to miss.

  • STARRING: Onny Michael, Chizzy Alichi, Norbert Waski, Georgina Ibeh, Ngozi Ezeonu, Ngozi Evuka, Philip Okoro.

  • PRODUCED BY: Chibueze Ucheama.

  • DIRECTED BY: Okonkwo Chikelue Chyko

  • COMPANY: Chez International Movies.

  • YEAR: 2020


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