Gonzalo Montiel has reportedly been ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation as part of the ongoing rape allegations being brought against him.

Montiel To Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation Amid Rape Allegations

The 27-year-old defender, who is currently on loan at Premier League side Nottingham Forest from La Liga outfit Sevilla, stands accused of sexually assaulting a model at his birthday party on January 1, 2019.


According to Argentine news outlet TN, Montiel is due to attend court in the city of San Justo on September 17 and 20.

Montiel, who scored the winning penalty for Argentina in the 2022 World Cup final, has been placed under formal investigation – along with friend Alexis Acosta – and is said to have been ordered to undergo psychiatric tests on September 2 and 5.

Montiel’s accuser claims to have been drugged and raped before being threatened by relatives and associates of the accused.

How The Rape Happened

She has since said in a video posted on social media:


“I am Carolina, a model and hostess and survivor of group sex abuse

“However, Gonzalo Montiel, who scored the last goal in the World Cup is the principal author.

“It was his birthday and he invited me to his home.

“We were getting to know each other.


“They drugged me until I was unconscious.

“That was proven during the investigation, that and my screaming during the party.


“Gonzalo raped me. I spent a long time looking for lawyers.

“All of them wanted to negotiate.

“None wanted to go to trial.

“I give thanks to the foundation which provided me with psychologists and psychiatrists and my lawyer Raquel.”

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The accuser is reported to have requested that psychiatric evaluations take place due to supposed “irregularities” in the case.

Montiel testified voluntarily in front of a judge last year and maintains his innocence.

Prosecutors have not yet submitted any indictments and there is no official word on whether the case will go to trial.

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