Biodun Stephen, the master storyteller, weaves a captivating tale of love, emotions, deception, betrayal, revenge, and more in “Momiwa,” now streaming on Prime Video.

This exciting family drama boasts outstanding performances from Blessing Obasi-Nze (Momiwa), Uzor Urukwe (Dadiwa), Iyabo Ojo (Kiki), and others.


Momiwa Review: A Gripping, Speechless Family Drama

Our POV crew shares their unbiased opinions—did “Momiwa” receive a toast or get roasted? Read on to find out!

Visual Treat: Impressive Camera Angles and Cinematography

The POV crew (Ayoola Famurewa, Jude Onowu, and Mishael Abanum) unanimously commended the cinematic feel of the movie, stressing the impressive camera angles and positioning.

The cinematographer’s use of dolly shots creates a lasting impression. While sets and props are basic, the actors’ delivery shines. Costumes and make-up were equally good; however, Jude and Mishael had some issues with Dadiwa’s outlook in the first scene.


Regardless, the crew had their praise locked in.

Directing, Scripting, Casting, and Acting: A Thrilling Ride

The crew further opined that Biodun Stephen’s direction and scripting on this project were exceptional, with unexpected plot twists and surprises in every scene.

According to Ayo, the casting was spot on, with Blessing Obasi delivering a masterclass performance as Momiwa, a character she totally embodied, capturing the audience with her comical, code-switching, and yet professional delivery.

Jude also corroborated what Ayo said; however, he went for Uzor Urukwe as his standout actor in the movie.


Iyabo Ojo also got her flowers from the crew as she displayed her fierce, expressive, albeit eloquent, self.

A Well-Crafted Movie: Commendable Filming and Performances

The crew stated that the movie, Momiwa, was well scripted, interpreted, and delivered. With its commendable filming, thrilling directing, and standout performances, it’s a must-watch.


Here’s to Momiwa—a toast to its success!

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