Messi likely to leave Barça – Presidential Candidate

Lionel Messi

Barcelona presidential hopeful Victor Font says it seems unlikely Lionel Messi will change his mind about leaving the club. This is according to Skysports.

Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports, Font – the man who hopes to take over from current president Josep Bartomeu – stated his belief while there is hope, the likely outcome is that the player will leave.

He blamed the board for not building a competitive team to help Messi compete favourably as he desires.

Font said, “That’s a very good question and one that all of us who love Barca should talk about – how has this happened? By trying to answer this question we should be able to start solving the situation.

“Messi loves the club and he wants to win, he wants to compete – he has been saying this for many, many years, it’s not just been for a few weeks and unfortunately the club has not been able to deliver on the promise of building a competitive team.”

Font, however, hoped the club resolves the rift between it and Messi. He said, “That’s the hope, right? Until it’s over there is always hope. And therefore I really hope the decision can be changed.

“It doesn’t seem likely, though, and therefore if that’s the case, the focus should be on making the transition as smooth as possible.

“And the ties between Messi and Barcelona that go very deep, remain there, so we can ensure somehow, the relationship continues in the future.”


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