Man apologises for shoving boy in path of German train, killing him

Germany news

A man accused of shoving a boy and his mother in front of a moving train in Frankfurt in 2019 , killing the child, on Wednesday apologised in court.

“I am deeply sorry, especially for the family,’’ read a statement, which was submitted by the man’s lawyer on the first day of his trial in the German city.

The boy was 8 years old when he was hit by the incoming train in Frankfurt main station in July 2019.

His death caused uproar across Germany.

The mother was able to escape injury at the last minute.

The defendant, a 41-year-old Eritrean national who had lived in Switzerland before coming to Germany, is not able to be held culpable due to a psychological illness, according to a preliminary assessment of his mental health.

Therefore, he has not been charged and the prosecution is instead seeking to have him placed permanently in a psychiatric facility, given concerns that he could commit further attacks.

Another woman, aged 78 at the time of the crime, was pushed to the ground by the attacker on the platform and suffered substantial injury.

The man fled the scene but was caught outside the station.


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