Laziness is not part of African culture – Coalition

The Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older People in Nigeria (COSROPIN) declared on Sunday that  negative attitudes, including laziness, dishonesty and sharp practices, are not part of the African culture.

Ms May Ikokwu, the Secretary General of COSROPIN, told newsmen in Abuja that parents should lead by example by displaying high moral values as well as begin to inculcate cultures of dignity, integrity, hard work and honesty in their children.

She blamed the current societal immorality and desperation for money on the dearth of African cultures of dignity and honesty.

“In the past, there was honour in hard work. Every penny one had was earned through dignity of labour unlike today that smart practices are the order of the day.”

Ikokwu, who is  the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  Save Our Heritage Initiative (SOHI), reiterated the need for review of value system in Nigeria, called for promotion of hard work over laziness and short cuts.

She urged Nigerians, especially youths, to begin to toe the path of honour in all things for a greater future.

Ikokwu explained that desperate craving for material possession and consequent ill-gotten wealth was alien to Africa especially Nigeria.

She, however, blamed corruption on the materialistic orientation of the youths who saw nothing wrong in cutting corners to make money.

According to her, “money is not everything, honour is better than money especially ill-gotten wealth”.

Ikokwu therefore advised youths to work in tandem with the dictates of diligence, honesty, hard work and honour, which she said were the pillars of African culture.


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