Have you ever been in a public transit where a corporately dressed stranger falls deeply asleep all of a sudden, and soon, resting his or her head comfortably on your shoulder? It happens frequently in Lagos.

Our dear brothers and sisters in Lagos may not find this amusing, or disgusting, this is because this experience is either not new to them, or they are guilty of it.

Lagos: Underlining Health Issues People Who Sleep In Transit Have
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We are not saying that you should not sleep wherever and whenever you feel like, however, we are concern, particularly about your health, that is, if you are on this table.

This article you are about reading was born out of curiosity, because it is something nobody is looking into, or even talking about.

This unnoticed habit has sent many to their early graves.

No Smoke Without Fire

The truth is, there is no smoke without fire, so that means, there is something definitely behind this.


Out of curiosity, we decided to carry out a little research and we found somethings that might interest you.

Indeed, we cannot cheat nature.

God created the night for sleep, and the day for work, that is why when the night creeps in on us, every living creature goes to sleep.

It has been scientifically established that humans need at least 7-8 hours of Night sleep daily, now I ask, is that even possible?


No, that question is not for you, it is for our dear brothers and sisters in Lagos.

Lagos Traffic

Indeed, the hustle is real.


At this point, permit us to join you in taking that deep breath because truly, it is not easy anywhere.

You see, a good number of people in Lagos wake up as early as 4:00 Am, the reason as we all know, is to beat traffic.

These are the same people that get back home at 10:00 Pm or thereabout, guess why again? Traffic.

Now, how do these people achieve 7-8 hours of sleep.

These are the people who seem to have formed the habit of sleeping in transit.


Depriving yourself of sleep could be harmful to the body, especially as it ages.

It leads to stress, which could have severe health implications.

This is one of the reasons why someone who is very healthy and full of life will just slump and die.

We understand that you need to hustle and put food on the table for you and your family, but don’t forget, health is wealth.

Regular check up should be top on your list.

HMO Plan

Funny enough, these things may be free of charge, that is if your company has an HMO plan.

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If they don’t, kindly request for it, because it is something every company should have.

Also, companies have games, health talks, etc. where they invite holistic health coaches and experts to teach their workforce best ways to manage stress.

Please if your company engages in any of these activities, ensure you participate.

Make sure that you have adequate rest.

The government is not left out in this talk, they too have a role to play.

The government needs to ensure that companies have HMOs for their employees.


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