There is joy in Edo State, at least, by government workers who now have a reason to smile, amidst petrol scarcity crippling the nation’s economy further.

Their joy comes from the approval of a new minimum wage of ₦70,000 for civil servants in Edo State. Governor Godwin Obaseki gave the approval.


However, this decision has sparked numerous reactions from Nigerians.

Knock, Kudos As Obaseki Increases Minimum Wage To ₦70,000
Governor Godwin Obadeki

The Governor’s decision on a new minimum wage was announced on Monday, April 29.

It was during the inauguration of the Labour House.

At the event, the governor disclosed that the new wage comes into effect on Workers Day, May 1, 2024.


He also named the Labour House after the Senator representing Edo North and the former governor of Edo, Adams Oshiomhole.

The Tricks

But trust Nigerians, they always have an angle.

Some people have already taken to social media to applaud the governor for the good gesture.

But there are others who slammed him for increasing the minimum wage due to the forthcoming state governorship election.


The diverse views contain in them some form of mistrust.

Nigerians do not trust their politicians, in fact, they seem to be fully aware of their tricks.


See some of the reactions below:

@IamThatNaijaGuy wrote: “This is just a political minimum wage, just so that PDP will have something to campaign with.

“I know that Edo people are wise enough to understand his antics”.

@Osasidaho wrote: “Aside this 70k new one self. Obaseki still pays the highest minimum wage in Nigeria, 40k since 2022.”

@VivaDido wrote: “Greek gift. You didn’t increase it all these years.”

@dammyGnet wrote: “I’m loving this opposition. Even the FG is still foot dragging on the new minimum wage.
Though N70k as a monthly takehome is unreasonable going by the present-day economy, I still give Kudos to @GovernorObaseki for being a pace setter!”.

More Reactions

@PureStanley1 wrote: “Obaseki just increased the minimum wage to 70k, just to score cheap political points. If u know u know.

“He knows the Edo state gubernatorial election is around the corner, and he is doing everything he can to get EDOLITES in his pocket so they will vote Asue Ighadalo to be the next governor”.

@IkoksSamuel wrote: “We should learn how to appreciate good things.
This announcement hasn’t got to all States. So, congratulations to Edo civil servants”.

@LawalOlabisi4 wrote: “It must be a joke, is this for eba or what. 70k in this Nigerian economy as a minimum wage?
All these leaders never has the good welfare of the people at heart”.

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@VictoryIkenna wrote: “Why didn’t he increase it in his over 6 years tenure?
Playing unsustainable politics with the Civil Servants of Edo state”.

@SamuelIkoko wrote: “Congratulations to Edo workers”.


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