Kiddwaya promises to help Laycon after show

Kiddwaya bbn

One-time Head of House Kiddwaya has promised to assist Laycon when they get out of the House.

Kidd made the promise after watching Laycon’s performance at the Pepsi Turnup challenge on Wednesday, August 26.

Although Housemates are rivals over Erica they keep positive energy and remain friends.

During a discussion after their Pepsi task on Wednesday night, Kiddwaya commended Laycon for his performance and promised to help him promote his music outside the house.

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He said: “After the house, I will connect you so you perform at One Music Fest. You have good talent.”

Laycon is one of the favourites yet to make the bottom four since the first week of eviction.

He has enjoyed a massive fan base outside the House.


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