Kenneth Okonkwo Dumps APC for Labour Party

Kenneth Okonkwo Defects To Labour Party, Give Reasons
Kenneth Okonkwo



Veteran actor, Kenneth Okonkwo has officially become a member of the Labour Party (LP).

The politician made this decision some weeks after resigning from the ruling party, The All Progressives Congress, APC because of the party’s Muslim-Muslim ticket.

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Taking to social media on August 24, 2022 the actor shared photos showing moments were he was welcomed to the party.

According to him, Peter Obi is a symbol of hope for a new Nigeria.

In his words: “There’s a natural fulfilment and joy inside of you, which money cannot buy, when you do what you are passionate about, flowing from inside of your heart.

I am passionate for a new Nigeria and I will stop at nothing to see it come to pass. Peter Obi is the symbol of that hope of a new Nigeria and I am passionately pursuing this agenda now.”

“Come join in this quest and movement for a new Nigeria. Thank you and God bless you as you do.”


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