Just in: PDP criticizes Buhari for refusing to address Nigerians

PDPBuhariThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) berates the Buhari Presidency for insulting the Senate for joining in the patriotic call to President Muhammadu Buhari to personally address the nation on the fight against the spreading Covid-19 in the country.

The party said it was shocking and totally unacceptable that instead of rising up to the challenge and leading in the fight, like other world leaders, Mr. President had allowed his aides to haul insults on the legislature to the extent of describing the lawful resolution of the Senate as “cheap politics”.

The party says this development amounted to a gross misconduct on the part of Mr. President, who had demonstrated a clear dereliction of duty and total disregard to the lawful resolution of the legislature, in violation of the provisions of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

Having failed in his expected leadership role at a critical time like this, President Buhari should know that the call by the Senate is a direct reflection of the view of the totality of Nigerians, who, like citizens of other countries, look up to the occupier of the seat of the President, personally, for direction and reassurances at a time of heighten public apprehensions and fear.

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The Presidency’s discourteous response to the Senate is therefore a an unpardonable slap on the faces of the totality of Nigerians, whom the Senate represents, and further demonstrates the Presidency’s insensitivity to the plight of Nigerians.

Our party considers the Buhari Presidency’s response to the Senate as an absurdity and a total disdain for our democratic institutions and collective sovereignty as a people.

It is instructive to note that this arrogant display of insensitivity by the Buhari Presidency is symptomatic of regimes that have no regard for the people.

Such regimes always wait to be reminded of their responsibilities and when duly reminded, they usually resort to insults, abuses and harassments.

The PDP recalls that it had earlier called on President Buhari to address the nation on the Covid-19 to no avail. Our party therefore stands with Nigerians and the Senate in holding that President Buhari is duty bound to personally address the nation and stop pointing to activities of other agencies of government. He must lead from the front and the buck must stop on his table.

The party charges President Buhari to wake up and end his Presidency’s lethargy to serious issues as manifested in his failure to visit Abule-Ado but preferred to sit in the comfort of Aso Villa to be presented with pictures of the explosion that killed our compatriots, injured and rendered many more homeless.

The PDP therefore counsels the Buhari Presidency to immediately withdraw its response to the Senate, apologise to Nigerians and schedule Mr. President to address the nation on the Covid-19 issue.

The Presidency is also advised to learn to be tolerant and courteous in the manner with which treats and addresses Nigerians and our statutory institutions such as the Senate.



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