Just In: Commercial bus drivers protest over Police, LASTMA extortion

Just In: Commercial bus drivers protest over Police, LASTMA extortion
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Following the collection of money from Commercial bus drivers by operatives of the Nigerian police and Lagos State traffic management agency (LASTMA) in Lagos, drivers,  plying the mile two Badagry Expressway are currently protesting against the development.

The aggrieved drivers who lamented the massive extortion of their members by enforcement agents, said they are not working today.

According to one of the drivers Olabode Jide who spoke to our Correspondent, “We are suffering too much in the hands of Policemen and LASTMA officials. All the money we are making are been collected from us.

“They have so many checkpoints and at each checkpoint, we are forced to pay them between N100 to N500. Can you imagine from Agbara to Okoafo there are more than five Police checkpoints.

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“We want the government to intervene because this extortion getting out of hands. The government say we should take three passengers per seat yet the police have continued to extort us unchecked.”

As a result of the protest, many commuters plying the route were stranded at different bus stops like Mowo, Aradagun, Agbara, Iyana-era along Badagry expressway.

A passenger Afeez Koreede said drivers of commercial vehicles that usually take passengers from Badagry to mile 2 have refused to work today because they are having issues with police and LASTMA.

“So passengers are stranded, at the bus stop. I had to take a bike to get to this point. It is really unfortunate because it is passengers like me that are at the receiving end.”


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