Just In: Chida hotel Abuja denies harbouring Nigerian returnees

Just In: Chida hotel Abuja denies harbouring Nigerian returnees

The management of Chida International Hotel, located in Abuja reportedly designated as accommodation for Nigerians evacuated from abroad in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, has denied being part of the arrangement.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ferdinand Nwonye, had last week in Abuja, listed Chida International, Bolingo, Apo Apartments, Royalty, Belvior and Barcelona Hotels, as facilities designated to quarantine the evacuees.

However, on Sunday, the management of Chida International Hotel Abuja, said it is not part of the arrangement due to non-availability of space.

“It is pertinent to state that at present, Chida International, Abuja is not part of the arrangement to accommodate evacuated Nigerians from abroad, though we were contacted by the ministry but could not proceed with the plan because of non-availability of space,” the statement read.

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According to the hotel’s management, “at present, we have in-house guests that we had hoped would have checked out due to the easing of the lockdown, but majority who are longstanding clients have indicated their desire to continue to lodge due to our excellent in-house health protocol, therefore, could not proceed with the plan to host those returning to the country.”

While it expressed willingness to partner with the government in other areas in the fight against COVID-19, the hotel stressed that as a responsible and patriotic entity it was mindful of its corporate and social responsibility to country and society.

“We however wish to state that Chida International has been contributing in the fight against Covid-19 in and around the communities we are located”.


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