Joe Biden projected to win Democratic primary in Illinois

Joe Biden, US

Former U.S. Vice President and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, has been projected to win the Democratic primary in Illinois on Tuesday, Fox News reported.

NBC News reported Biden winning 58 per cent to Sanders’ 34.4 per cent with 3 per cent of precincts reporting.

Biden has also secured victory over Sanders in Florida, where he was winning every county, several TV networks reported earlier.

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Three states held Democratic primaries today – Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, with 219, 155 and 67 pledged delegates, respectively.

There is no data on Arizona, the third state holding primaries on Tuesday, yet.

A fourth primary was scheduled to take place in Ohio (136 delegates at stake), but the state government postponed its primary due to health concerns, as the new coronavirus outbreak continues in the United States.

To win the party nomination on the first ballot 1,190 delegates are needed. Biden so far has won 898 delegates to Sanders’ 745 after more than 25 primary contests, according to AP official delegate count.

Despite the early wins of Sanders, Biden made a “comeback” in South Carolina and then won Super Tuesday, taking 10 out of 14 states in which primaries were held that day. Biden also one in most of states on 10 March.


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