Job Vacancies At The Federal Government Level

The Federal Government has disclosed that amid the high unemployment rate in Nigeria especially among youths, job vacancies still exist in several sectors of the national economy.

Although it admitted that 23 million Nigerians were jobless, the government stated that an assessment carried out by its Industrial Training Fund revealed the existence of job vacancies that could not be filled by Nigerians because of the lack of requisite skills or were being filled by foreigners.

The Director-General, ITF, Joseph Ari, disclosed this and said that the government was making efforts to close the gaps.

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He revealed that according to the National Bureau of Statistics on Labour Force Statistics, Unemployment and Underemployment Report of Q4 (fourth quarter) 2020, the number of unemployed persons in the economically active or working age (i.e 15 to 65) was 122,049,400.


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